Dining with Miss Marple

“You are cordially invited to join Miss Jane Marple and a select group of friends at an evening dedicated to the consideration of unsolved mysteries…” … said the dinner invitation we received from Bedern Hall a few weeks ago. Well, we’ve known Jane for many years and they do have an excellent cook up at… Continue reading Dining with Miss Marple

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Kite Festival

It was Mary’s birthday yesterday. We spent most of the day at the Kite Festival at Harewood House and then went to see The Crucible at the York Theatre Royal in the evening. There are more photos of the kites and the Harewood House gardens here.

Persephone Has Input

Mary was sorting some papers in the living room on the bench that we use as a coffee table. (The TV occupies the coffee table and the storage unit base serves as our Hi-Fi unit. Sounds perverse, but it works.) I was in the next room when, out of the blue, Mary exclaimed: There’s a… Continue reading Persephone Has Input

Fans and Groupies

Paul looked at Andy and said, “I think it’s time, don’t you?”. Andy nodded, grinned and took off his jumper to reveal a black T-shirt emblazoned with white letters spelling the word “Ando” (his nickname among close friends). Paul, who was sat next to Andy on the sofa, then took off his jumper to show… Continue reading Fans and Groupies

Himalayan Stroll

There’s a Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park in deepest North Yorkshire. It’s a beautiful place and the weather was just perfect at the end of April. Here are one or two pictures: See my flickr page for more photos.

At the Lily Pond

Over the extended Easter weekend we visited the local lily pond in Burnby Hall Gardens. You can see me here:

In Heaven’s Name

Playing bass in a band was easier than I’d expected. You just put your fingers in the right place at the right time and twang the string. Agreeing which songs to play was harder. And the really difficult bit was naming the band. We spent many hours in living rooms and pubs trying to come… Continue reading In Heaven’s Name