Views of York

On Friday, as an early birthday present, we went for a ride on the York wheel followed by lunch at Grays Court. It was a bright, but cloudy day when we got the Park & Ride bus into town. As we boarded our capsule a few darker clouds were beginning to gather but nothing to… Continue reading Views of York

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Young at Heart

The other day, while catching up on my emails, I noticed that Google will be changing its terms and conditions soon. Following the link in the little pop-up window I discovered that you can see what information has been gleaned from Google searches using something called Ad Manager. Among other things it takes a guess… Continue reading Young at Heart

Overheard On The Bus

Coming back from the city centre yesterday the man in front of me on the Park & Ride bus was on his mobile. The conversation was typically banal and instantly forgettable. “Hello” … “Are you well?” … “We had a good meeting last week. There were 10 or 12 people there.” … And then, suddenly,… Continue reading Overheard On The Bus