1. How can an ironic comment about something you don’t believe be considered blasphemy? And whatever happened to free speech? This is what happens when you have state religions.


    1. Quite. The trouble is (as I understand it) the law in the Republic of Ireland says that it’s illegal to insult God and what Stephen Fry said about God in that interview would certainly be regarded as insulting by a lot of ordinary people in that country. Personally I think this law is an ass and should have been repealed a century ago. That’s because I agree with Stephen that no rational person could believe in a God who is omnipotent and beneficent and yet allows all the terrible suffering we meet so often in this imperfect world. And you can’t insult someone who doesn’t exist.

      I can say this without fear of prosecution, Stephen Fry could not and I applaud his courage in speaking out.

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      1. That’s right. Good old SF! I suppose he got into hot water because he adopted a satirical technique: he personified a hypothetical, which made it sound like he was attacking the deity rather than simply ridiculing the whole idea of one. It will interesting if it comes to court …


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