Views of York

On Friday, as an early birthday present, we went for a ride on the York wheel followed by lunch at Grays Court. It was a bright, but cloudy day when we got the Park & Ride bus into town. As we boarded our capsule a few darker clouds were beginning to gather but nothing to… Continue reading Views of York

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Postcard from Italy

At the end of June Mary and I went on a touring holiday to Italy. We visited Rome, Siena, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Assisi and a couple of less well-known places. It was an organised trip – very well organised, in fact – and we packed a lot in to nine days. Each day started early… Continue reading Postcard from Italy

Guillemots at Nunnington Hall

I couldn’t sleep last night. Mary and I had been to see my favourite band, Guillemots, at Nunnington Hall. When I saw the concert announced in the Local Events leaflet that came with our National Trust magazine I thought they’d sell about a dozen tickets. Guillemots are no pop sensation and Nunnington Hall is one… Continue reading Guillemots at Nunnington Hall

Walk for Life

Yesterday Mary and her daughter, Rachel, took part in Nottingham’s Race for Life. For them it was a walk in the park – well, the embankment of the river Trent, anyway. 5 km in just over an hour; that’s a moderate walking pace, but it all counts and they have the medals to prove it.… Continue reading Walk for Life

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Kite Festival

It was Mary’s birthday yesterday. We spent most of the day at the Kite Festival at Harewood House and then went to see The Crucible at the York Theatre Royal in the evening. There are more photos of the kites and the Harewood House gardens here.

Himalayan Stroll

There’s a Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park in deepest North Yorkshire. It’s a beautiful place and the weather was just perfect at the end of April. Here are one or two pictures: See my flickr page for more photos.

At the Lily Pond

Over the extended Easter weekend we visited the local lily pond in Burnby Hall Gardens. You can see me here:

A Musical Genesis

“I’ve got a good idea”, said Paul, “Let’s start a band”. It must have been early summer 1970. My brother, Lawrence, and our friends Paul and Howard were relaxing in the living room. It was true that I played the clarinet (a bit) and I had an electronic organ (which I couldn’t play), but the… Continue reading A Musical Genesis