“I believe that anyone who claims to know what’s going on will lie about the little things, too. ” ― Neil Gaiman

A Humanist Wedding?

If you are a member of a recognised religion you can have a marriage that is tailored to your beliefs and is recognised in law. If you are an atheist or humanist you are denied that in the UK. Eunan O’Kane and Laura Lacole regard that as a violation of their rights under EU law. In… Continue reading A Humanist Wedding?


A mosquito was heard to complain That the chemists had damaged his brain. The cause of his sorrow Was para-dichloro- Diphenyl-trichloro-ethane.

Young at Heart

The other day, while catching up on my emails, I noticed that Google will be changing its terms and conditions soon. Following the link in the little pop-up window I discovered that you can see what information has been gleaned from Google searches using something called Ad Manager. Among other things it takes a guess… Continue reading Young at Heart

Overheard On The Bus

Coming back from the city centre yesterday the man in front of me on the Park & Ride bus was on his mobile. The conversation was typically banal and instantly forgettable. “Hello” … “Are you well?” … “We had a good meeting last week. There were 10 or 12 people there.” … And then, suddenly,… Continue reading Overheard On The Bus

Tough Nut

This year I bought an Advent calendar in the form of a string of little Christmas stockings numbered 1 to 24. In each stocking I put a nut (hazel, almond or walnut) and a chocolate (individually wrapped). The unused nuts I put in a bowl and we cracked a couple to get into the Christmas… Continue reading Tough Nut

Persephone Has Input

Mary was sorting some papers in the living room on the bench that we use as a coffee table. (The TV occupies the coffee table and the storage unit base serves as our Hi-Fi unit. Sounds perverse, but it works.) I was in the next room when, out of the blue, Mary exclaimed: There’s a… Continue reading Persephone Has Input