Photo Album Catalogue

At the tail end of 2018 Flickr announced that they would be limiting their free account to 1000 photos. As I already had some 3,800 photos on Flickr I had to decide whether to accept that only the last 1000 shots would appear on the Web, or to take out a subscription to Flickr, or to move my photos elsewhere.

I’m not trying to make money from my photos – I’m not a good enough photographer for that – so I feel I don’t belong in the new Flickr, which is aimed squarely at that commercial market. Consequently, I am now experimenting with publishing my photos via the Google Photos service, which still offers unlimited storage for free at resolutions more than adequate for viewing in Web browsers.

There is a problem, though, with Google Photos. As far as I can see it’s not possible to provide public access to all my albums through a single link; I will have to publish individual links to each album I create. My solution to this conundrum is to add a link to this page every time I create a new photo album on Google Photos.

I have laboriously transferred some of my older Flickr albums to Google Photos and links to those are at the start of the list below. Albums created from 2019 onwards follow those, starting with the Rufford Abbey entry.


Lotherton Hall, 15th March
Fountains Abbey, 13th April
Newby Hall, 30th May
Dorset, 11th – 17th July
Normanby Hall, 2nd August
Laycock, 24th October
Westonbirt, 25th October
Malmesbury Abbey Gardens, 26th October


New Year, 4th – 6th January
Himalayan Gardens (May or June?)
Goldsborough Hall (June?)
Newby Hall (June or July?)
Arboretum (Autumn)
Festival of Angels (December)


Planting the National Forest, 27th March
Burnby Hall Gardens, 25th April
Himalayan Gardens, 1st May
Kite Festival, 21st May
Splendours of Italy, End of June
Hampton Court, 22nd May
Wild About Wood (Summer)


Rufford Abbey
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
Birds of Prey
Open Gardens
Foxton Locks
Nottingham Industrial Museum