Retrospective 2022

Moving On By far the most significant and time-consuming operation this year was moving my Dad from Milton Keynes to the south Nottinghamshire village of Ruddington on 13th September. That reduced a tedious 1¼ hour motorway journey to a pleasant 15-minute drive when we wanted to visit him. The biggest problem was sorting through the… Continue reading Retrospective 2022

Splitting a Large HTML File, Part 2

Recap My previous post described my first attempt to split a large HTML file into several parts. The file in question is a cookbook-style tutorial for the Beacon online membership management system used by my local U3A organisation. The document was originally created with Apple’s Pages word processor app, exported to PDF and uploaded to… Continue reading Splitting a Large HTML File, Part 2

Crossword Blues

A crossword compiler named Moss
Who found himself quite at a loss
When asked, “Why so blue?”
Said, “I haven’t a clue
I’m 2 Down to put 1 Across.”

The Whirly Girl

Retrospective 2021

Executive Summary This year can be summed up with the phrase, “steady as she goes”. Like everyone else in the affluent West, Covid rules continued to curtail our activities. Easing of restrictions in the summer brought hope of a return to the old normal but, as winter set in, the Omicron variant sent us almost… Continue reading Retrospective 2021

Retrospective 2020

Executive Summary It’s been a funny old year. Mary and I stayed well clear of the Coronavirus but it has obliterated most of the happenings that I would normally be blogging about. I am one of the lucky ones, though. As a pensioner, I don’t have to worry about losing my job or loss of… Continue reading Retrospective 2020

Retrospective 2019

Executive Summary It’s been a fairly uneventful 2019 for us on the whole. One more year on the life clock has, presumably, taken its toll but we don’t feel any older than we did 12 months ago so we are not complaining. Our cat, Persephone, is now on regular medication for thyroid and kidney problems… Continue reading Retrospective 2019