Retrospective 2017

Executive Summary Mary continues to work part time for the WEA, teaching English one morning a week, mainly to elderly women of Asian extraction. She has also joined the board of governors for the village primary school. Both occupations have required attendance at training courses and meetings at various times throughout the year. Phil is… Continue reading Retrospective 2017

Retrospective 2016

Mary and I have been out and about quite a lot this year. A couple of trips had to be cancelled for health reasons but these turned out to be minor bumps on life’s sometimes rocky road. This year has also seen a notable rise in routine check-ups and medical preventative maintenance for me (bowel cancer screening,… Continue reading Retrospective 2016

Band For A Day

Back in the early seventies when I was at university and trying, with limited success, to learn the bass guitar I was introduced to another student who was a drummer. I’ll call him John, not because I want to protect his anonymity, simply because I’ve long since forgotten his real name. At that first short meeting… Continue reading Band For A Day

Retrospective 2014

It’s been a year of change. Mary stopped working for City of York Council, I retired and we nearly moved to the Leicestershire wolds. It feels as though we spent more time sorting out our possessions and getting rid of decades of accumulated junk than anything else. And thereby hangs a tale… First Quarter Clear… Continue reading Retrospective 2014

Retrospective 2013

It has been a busy and sombre year for me. From February to September I was studying hard for the Open University module, “TU100 – My Digital Life“, and in October we were on overtime at work. Things were particularly difficult in July when my mum became seriously ill and, sadly, she died peacefully in… Continue reading Retrospective 2013

We’re all connected now

I had a text today. It said simply: Just letting you know I have a new mobile number +44 xxxx xxxxx. Kevin Jones Well, it was nice of him to tell me that, but I don’t know anyone called Kevin Jones. After a moment’s consideration I texted back: Thanks, but who are you?! 🙂 And… Continue reading We’re all connected now

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Retrospective 2012

January Looking forward to my 60th birthday at the end of the month I spent some time browsing Internet sites for music I might like and came across a blogger called Xandi. He (I’m guessing it’s a ‘he’) publishes links to music videos of a wide range of genres from all round the world and… Continue reading Retrospective 2012